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Posting is now open! From now until the end of July, post your works of Sue-duction here! Yay!
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One month until Sue-duction!

Let's say that larger and sparklier, shall we?

1 month until Sue-duction in large, sparkly pink letters

Posting will be open here from 17 July to 30 July. If you'll be offline during that window, feel free to drop a comment/PM/email to me and I'll be happy to work something out for you. Or you can have a friend post for you - whatever works.

For your reference, the rules and requirements, such as they are, are here - please note that both FPF and RPF are fine, that your OFC does not have to be based on you, and that your pairing can be your OFC with a canon character or two canon characters together.

The idea sharing post has some great stuff in the comments; hop on over to get and give ideas!
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Based on our poll, we'll be having our Sueducing Ladies Fest over two weeks in July, specifically from 17 July (international day of femslash!) to 30 July.

Let's say that larger, shall we?

Sueducing Ladies: 17 July-30 July, 2010!

Please promote the fest when you see opportunities to do so, and dream up some awesome OFCs!

Also, our requirements have been amended to include Sues/OFCs who are not self-insertions. As long as your fic includes at least one OFC and at least one f/f relationship, you are golden!
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Poll #2755 Sue-duction Fest Timing
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 18

Work for the Sue-duction Fest should be posted:

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in May
0 (0.0%)

in June
7 (38.9%)

in July
14 (77.8%)

0 (0.0%)

at some other time I'll explain in comments
0 (0.0%)

The posting period should be:

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a week
4 (25.0%)

two weeks
8 (50.0%)

a month
5 (31.2%)

two months
1 (6.2%)

something else I'll explain in comments
0 (0.0%)

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So you have lots of ideas for possible stories, and even if you're going to write them all you'd like to see what others make of them? Post them here!

Here's my original set: Imagine the possibilities, people. A serving-maid of Rohan secretly rides out next to Eowyn and helps slay the Witch-King, rescue Eowyn, and nurse her back to health. An ensign from below decks stops Voyager's warp core from exploding, passes out at Captain Janeway's feet, and wakes up to find herself being lovingly tended in the Captain's own quarters (because sickbay was conveniently overfull of wounded, natch). A marine with a degree in cultural anthropology handles touchy negotiations to retrieve Teyla and then haltingly confesses her attraction during the 'jumper ride home - and it's reciprocated. Stella takes an intern who successfully prosecutes a case all by herself while Stella's overloaded, and their celebratory dinner ends in awesome make-outs. England appoints an ambassador to the US who is so incredibly knowledgeable, competent and hot that EVERYONE wants her, including President Bartlet, and she winds up with CJ after witnessing a stunning performance of The Jackal.

What have you imagined? From riding out beside Alanna of Trebond to pulling a heist with Irene Adler to being the sage and loving friend who gets Zoe and Inara to see, finally, that they belong together, share it here!
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1. Be excellent to each other. Mary Sue writing is, I think, usually very close to the id. This makes it easily mockable from the outside and very tender from the inside. Respect other people's fantasies. As the Dalai Lama says, "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." You are not required to like everything posted here; you are asked to refrain from bashing.

2. This is a low-to-no-pressure fest. No sign-ups, no check-ins, no drop-out-notifications. Write as much or as little as you'd like, comment or don't on other people's contributions - it's all good.

3. If your fic contains non-consensual (or dubiously consensual) sex, torture, or character death, you must warn for it. If you think some of the contents of your fic may be triggering, please err on the safe side and warn for them as well. [personal profile] amadi has an easy way to make your posted warnings skipable posted here.

4. Other rules to be added as situations arise.


Fics submitted for this fest must include a f/f pairing as the main 'ship and an OFC. Beyond that, it's up to you. Both fictional canons and RPSF are fine as sources. Your OFC(s) can be an obvious self-insertion, like the super-powered woman you would be in a universe with magic/advanced science/whatever, you and your BFF ... you get the idea, OR she can be a totally original character not based on you/a particular individual. Similarly, you can ship your Sue with a female canon character or have her be the friend who gets two ladies together. And she can be the product of any kind of wish-fulfillment you want!

For example, I personally am thinking of giving my Sue some land in the country where she can raise organic crops that never get bugs or diseases, some extremely well-behaved dogs frolic, and there is always tea available in her cozy-yet-spacious house. And lots of pie, which can be consumed in copious amounts without any unsatisfactory side effects.



Apr. 15th, 2010 11:35 pm
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Very shortly, I'll get up a post to talk about what I think ought to qualify as a fic for this fest, rules for the fest, and a place to share ideas so those people who would like outside inspiration can seek some. And then I'll solicit feedback on those topics so we can firm them up.

In the mean time, Hello! Welcome to the community for Sue-ducing all your favorite female characters. Feel free to introduce yourselves in the comments. I'll start:

I'm [personal profile] wintercreek, and when I was of Sue-writing age I had a tremendous crush on Captain Kathryn Janeway. And I still do. *g*


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